Mobile payments

Mobile Payments – The Need for Trust and Familiarity to Drive Adoption

The technology needed to roll out contactless mobile payments has been around for a long time. I ran a consumer trial of 500 Londoners back in 2008 where each trialist was given a mobile phone with an inbuilt Oyster Card and Barclaycard. The same problems exist now as they did back then. In a country like the UK with such well developed financial infrastructure, there’s no huge rush for retailers to invest in upgrading their payment terminals. If there’s no where to use NFC contactless payments then smartphone providers are not going to prioritise embedding NFC chips in their phones because there’s no consumer demand. This ‘chicken or egg’ scenario is one of the main barriers to mobile payments becoming a reality today. This research aimed to look at the drivers of adoption, among consumers, if mobile payment options were to become a reality. We looked at the opportunities for different vendors offering contactless mobile payment services. The video below summarises the findings.

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