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Consumer Purchase Journeys in a Digital World

Consumer purchase journeys more often than not involve a digital touchpoint at the point of trigger, research process or  purchase transaction. I ran a project for the IAB that passively monitored consumers internet activity on their PCs and smartphones (with their consent of course). We followed up with some of these consumers via a short telephone interview to understand the triggers and motivations for using certain devices. Here are four examples of what we found:

  1. The basic example of how TV adverts are driving traffic to a brand’s website – in this case a FMCG brand Yeo Valley


  1. This example of a young gamer doesn’t involve the TV or a physical retail store at any point in the purchase journey – a sign of how digital natives are discovering and purchasing products in a digital world

  2. This purchase journey involves the purchase of a high consideration item – a holiday. For purchases like this that require high levels of research the PC or laptop is considered the best device due to it’s form factor.

  3. A great example of how the convenience and mobility of the smartphone is driving new sales


p>UPDATE: The last three videos are no longer available online

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