Digital gifting in need of creative innovation

The digitisation of media content, be it music, films, books or games has made the art of gifting a lot more challenging. CDs, DVDs and books were all perfectly priced for a small gift. Not only did I enjoy receiving these gifts, I also revelled in the process of finding the right record or book for the right person.

There were, obviously, many examples of badly considered choices, but on the whole, the sourcing and receiving of media based gifts was a great way to discover new content. Now that media content is digital, I find myself giving and receiving digital gift cards which takes all the pleasure out of gifting. This year however, I have stumbled across an excellent example of packaging up a digital music gift – Bleep’s “Top 100 Tracks of 2013”.

The product description on Bleep’s Website is as follows:

“The Top 100 Tracks of 2013 is a 100 track compilation selected by the Bleep staff and made up of the best music released this year, regardless of genre or style. The compilation will be available to buy exclusively from Bleep from the 25th of December until the end of January.”

As long as the intended recipient is interested in electronic music they should find this gift to their taste. A nicely curated package of the best music of the year according to Bleep, standard stuff. There are, however, two innovative elements to this product that differentiate it from other digital gifts. Firstly, a physical component that can be unwrapped on the big day. This is more than a standard plastic gift card; the design is completely unique to each customer and crafted in a way that is reminiscent of a lovely limited edition record with exciting artwork:

“We have also created a limited run of unique, hand screen-printed gift cards in collaboration with our friends at HIT + RUN, the world’s leader in live screen-printing. High quality A3 paper was printed with different combinations of six different designs in order to create a number of unique prints. These were then cut down to A6 size, resulting in a limited run of gift cards, each with a unique code, that allows the buyer to redeem The Top 100 Tracks of 2013.”

As you would expect the gift cards can be purchased in advance of Christmas. The important thing however, is that the Top 100 Tracks are only unveiled on Christmas day, adding that all important surprise which is essential to the gifting process:

“Those who have purchased gift cards will be able to redeem their download from Christmas Day (25th of December). Full details, terms and conditions printed on the card.”

With this digital gift there is a physical element that can be unwrapped, a surprise factor and a discovery process for both the giver and the receiver. Importantly, the physical and digital elements are neatly linked and both add value to the gift as a whole. Bleep have been running this product for a number of years now and from what I have seen it is one of the most innovative ways to gift digital media this Christmas. With so much of our lives being digitised and everything gravitating towards the smartphone, more brands need to think about how they package up their digital products. Without innovative thinking like this we will all be exchanging money and gift cards which is boring for everyone.

Note: I have no affiliation to Bleep, although I am quickly becoming a big advocate of what they do. I have requested this for Christmas and will purchase it for someone else – great idea!! Check it out for yourself here

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December 07, 2013 at 03:12 PM

What are the most interesting/innovative companies in the digital gifting space?

The gifting experience is hard to re-create in the digital world. Replicating the emotional impact of unwrapping a physical gift requires something tangible, personalised (than the standard gift card), a surprise element and a bridge between the physic…

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