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Tech Trends 2014

I recently co-authored, with my colleague Olly Robinson, a set of four Tech Trends that will begin to impact the changing nature of business in the information age. The introduction:

“A number of factors will influence the development of the technological environment in 2014. Emerging new markets and heightened consumer expectations will continue to drive developments in software intelligence and hardware, with growing interest in wearable computing. Can big data and privacy co-exist? Big data remains a valuable resource to brands but bruised consumer trust in fair use of personal data will create new challenges. As the bond between technology and the user becomes more transparent, how is our relationship with technology evolving? And how can business leaders capitalize on this? Here we present four trends for 2014 outlining technological changes ahead that will require businesses and innovators to think in new ways to maintain market position.”

The four trends are:

  1. The Evolution of Software: Intelligent and Social User Experiences
  2. The Data Agenda: Can Big Data And Privacy Co-Exist?
  3. The Era of the Network: Evolving Relationships in the Digital Age
  4. The Reinvention of Hardware: Transitioning to a Networked World

In future posts, I will publish my thoughts and extracts on some of these issues.

Image: Todd Quackenbush

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