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Intelligent software and preserving individual eccentricities

One of the most striking ideas raised by my colleague, Olly Robinson, in his technology trend, “The Evolution of Software – Intelligent and Social User Experiences” is as follows…

“As a layer between technology and the user, software has become progressively more transparent. In comparing modern software on a touchscreen device, and the graphic and command line interfaces that predate it, the more recent software can seem qualitatively more organic. The more that software borrows from our world through its gestures and metaphors, the more it seems part of it, fully integrated rather than intruding.”

The blurring of the virtual and physical worlds has been talked about for a while. I think this is now increasingly becoming a reality. Whilst the great strides in intelligent software and real-time sensors throws up many conveniences to modern life, we need to be much more aware of the decisions being made for us. As software starts to pervade more of our lives, the conveniences it offers need to be matched with individual choice and empowerment. We need to avoid a situation where decisions are being made for us, otherwise, we will begin to lose the eclectic array of personalities and eccentricities of the human mind.

Image: Julian O’Hayon

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