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A small data approach to big insights (IIeX Talk)

This is the presentation I gave at the Insights Innovation Exchange (IIeX) in Amsterdam recently.

I talk about:

  • How helping people to better understand themselves will mean businesses better understand people.
  • Why we need to move away from mass centralised systems and give people control of their personal data
  • The emergence of a new wave of innovation that help people generate value from their personal data. They are called Personal Information Management Services (PIMS)
  • Why the market research industry is a great starting place for PIMS
  • The Information Age is about managing flows and this is no different in the personal information economy
  • The future of insight generation starts with people. Providing people with personal insights, empowerment and control.

Here is the slide deck:

For more information about citizenme have a look at their website

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